Hi-speed portrait retouching…learn how in just 2 hours with Alistair Cowin
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My well known all day individual Master Classes have always included a beauty retouching session and this has proved to be so popular that I am now offering it as a separate and intensive short course.  So I am  giving away my hi-speed specialist beauty retouching secrets via individual lessons here in my studio in Worcester.  These have taken around 15 years of practice to perfect and I hope you can see from my images that they do work!

I know from experience that retouching can often be tedious and very boring work.  However over the years and out of necessity I have developed some simple, very quick and efficient techniques for retouching images in just 5 minutes or less.  And, believe it or not, this includes skin, eyes, lips, hair etc. etc.

These 2 hour one-to-one sessions cost a very reasonable £125 and anyone with just a basic knowledge of Photoshop will be able to go away and retouch their beauty/portrait images to professional standards.  And I'm sure you appreciate the difference that this can make to the presentation of your work.  Call or e-mail me for more information and I’ll get straight back to you…

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