Introduction: 15 minutes

A chance to get to know each other and for me to assess your strengths and weaknesses so I can work on these with you and also to measure your skill level and experience so I can tailor the class to suit you.

Model’s makeup and hair preparation: 1 hour

You will spend a few minutes watching the makeup artist working on the model and will be shown the important things to know and to look out for before starting a beauty shoot. ie foundation, concealing, blending, eye shadows, mascara, eyelashes, lip liner, powdering, shine, glitter etc.  This will give you a broad overview of what is involved with the makeup and hair so in future you will be able to discuss with your makeup artists the ‘look’ you want for your shoot and with proper knowledge and authority.  

Styling: 15 minutes

You will be involved in a styling discussion, looking through the clothes and accessories and helping to choose what the model will wear.                                                                                   

Lighting: 30 minutes

After some discussion, you will be shown the various lighting set ups available and asked to consider which you would like to use for this shoot.  You will then be involved in setting it up with me, taking some light tests and then giving the studio the go ahead to start shooting.

Photo session 1: 60 minutes

First shooting session.  You will spend the time on this first session along side me paying special attention to how I direct the model.  I will be showing you and demonstratiing what you need to watch out for when you are shooting yourself ie attitude, angles, the clothes and accessories etc.

Break: 30 minutes

Light lunch and discussion of the morning events

Photo session 2: 90 minutes

Second shooting session. The model will have had some changes made to her ’look’ by the makeup artist and once again you will shoot with me and get a further selection of different images to work on. You will be able to work with a 27” hi-res screen and make a first selection of up to 6 images which will be used to show you some of my ‘quick fit tricks’ in Photoshop to add that final polish to to your pictures.  

Retouching your images: 60 minutes

I will now show you how to retouch your images both quickly and simply using Photoshop and a few very useful plug-Ins.  You will go home with some polished, professional beauty pictures and armed with more knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to up your ‘game’ when shooting beauty images in future.

Question and answer session:  open ended

You will have the opportunity now to go through the days events with me and ask me specific questions on any subjects relating to the days experience.  Examples might be:


£295.00  - Payment may be made via Paypal, by cheque or Bank transfer. Model fees and makeup artist are included.


I am shooting beauty in my studio on areguar basis between 3 to 4 days a week including some weekends so you can pretty much choose when you would like to join me - unless of course someone else has chosen that particular day first!       

Beauty Master Classes - content

 "I enjoyed his no nonsense and straightforward approach. It was a good experience to see how a real professional deals with models and make up artists."  Steve Hawkins

"Being able to watch a top quality photographer at work is a special privilege, and enrolling in Alistair's Master Class allowed me that very opportunity..."  Mike at Symphony Photo

"Thank you for all your advice and guidance. I received a huge amount of feedback for my pictures on PP yesterday and was the 7th most viewed photographer. I am walking around with the biggest grin and a strong desire to do it again...only better! Paul K

"I spent a fun-filled and very informative day with Alistair yesterday on his 1-2-1 Beauty Photography Masterclass. His knowledge and huge experience shine through, and his down-to-earth approach and sense of humour made the whole day a very enjoyable and informative one for me. 10/10!  Paul Locke

 "I had a private Beauty Master Class with Alistair and learnt more in a single session than I have learnt from numerous workshops over the years. Alistair is not just an excellent photographer, he's also a great teacher. I absolutely recommend Alistair's Master Class for any photographer wanting to take their Beauty Photography and Photoshop skills to the next level. Thanks Alistair"  Gerard Dawson

"I attended Alistair's Beauty Master Class at his Welland House Studio on Saturday for one on one tuition. The day was structured very well with time spent on Make-up, hairstyling, posing the model and lighting set ups, followed by shooting and post production in CS5. It was so beneficial to work with someone of Alistair's experience - who was very happy to share and impart his knowledge and skills. Lunch provided an opportunity to discuss ideas and themes with the Model and MUA, and the whole day was conducted in a fun and convivial way. Recommended for photographers who want to learn and improve their skills. Many thanks - Bob"  Bob Pursley

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